Philosophy of Simplified IT

Align Technology With Business Goals:

If tech does not align and  support the direction of business goals and its growth it is working against those goals and growth. Costing time money and while creating headache.

Don’t Spend Money, Just To Spend Money:

Understanding how technology will integrate with your business is critical. Know what you currently have, what it can do, How it is used, and If your capitalizing on its full potential. Be sure the companies expectations and intended use are within the ability of the technology. If they are not and never have been…  

You may have spent money just to spend money.

Hear and Listen:

When it comes to Technology the best pulse you will ever get is with the person who uses it every day. Every company relys on its people to make it what it is. Listening to the “Bitching and Moaning” Often provides valuable information and identification of short falls in the technology and or the training need to operate it.


Proper  training of your people is hands down the fastest way to achieve gains. Front line employees that are trained in the use of technology are more confident and productive. In addition they become valuable educated assets providing better feed back on system operations resulting in greater system awareness and security and innovation. Train to align to the same goal and usage habits. Train often in small quick digestible bites.

Standardize and Manage:

Just like baking your favorite cookie, Simplified technology has a recipe. A company that standardizes to that recipe saves: Time, Money, Reduces Unknowns, Creates a  predictability in expenses, failure mitigation, security and the ability of the company to scale while minimizing impacts to current productivity. Standardized IT has a life cycle that is manageable.

There Is No Such Thing As Cheap IT:

Technology changes rapidly buying the cheapest option in hopes of keeping up or worse not trying to keep up will ultimately cost more. Tech life span is around 3 years if your lucky or spent Wisely the first time aligning that tech with company goals you may get year 4 or 5. Just make sure year 4 and 5 are not achieved from negligence that can but a company at greater risk of security breaches or unplanned costs. 

Its Going to Happen, Period.

Shit will hit the fan on the day it is not needed or wanted. virus attacks, email server outage, business line application failure, hardware failure, power outages, internet outages, natural disasters. Proper management of technology can prevent a large portion of system based outage. The only way to deal with the unknown is to plan for it. A disaster recovery plan is never perfect but will be the difference in how quickly normal business operations or contingency operations can be restored or implemented.

24/7 365 Someone Is There For You

100% U.S. Based. 24|7|365 Support Desk and Network Operations Center. Today, Tomorrow,always 100% U.S. based.


What good is tech if it is hindering the direction your company needs to go? We work with you taking your key initiatives into consideration and aligning our support and advice and management of your systems to those goals.

Alignment With Your Business Goals

Straight Forward

We are here to work with you to ensure your IT is meeting your needs. We talk to you without Tech-o-nese. We will be there to translate when needed. 

We proactively work to keep your IT running and out of your way. We empower your employees to initiate on demand support  getting them back in the game with a phone call.

Your Success Is Our Goal

Consistent Cost

One monthly expense easily caculated, easily understood and managed. There will be no surprises in your monthly bill. No more waiting to call or spending hours trying to fix it yourself instead of calling in an expert.


We do not see you as a customer we are just providing a service to. We work with your company just as if we were your internal IT. providing advice and guidance to maximize the effectiveness of IT within your organization.

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